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Real-Time Prediction of Polymer-Coated Multiparticulate Dissolution using Process Analytical Technology

Introduction Process Analytical Technology, or “PAT” is the term given to analytical instruments developed to measure certain attributes of product within the manufacturing process, eliminating, or substantially minimising the need for sampling for off-line analysis. This approach has several key advantages over traditional off-line analysis methods and includes process measurements in situ with instant access […]

Wet Granulation Knowledge Brief

We would like to share this article with you, published by granulation expert Stephen Sirabian (Glatt Air Techniques, Ramsey, US) on the ISPE blog (ispeak). It gives you a perfect brief introductional knowledge base for granualtion processes. Some of the topics, discussed: What is Granulation Why granulate Pharmaceuticals Types of Wet Granulation Advantages and Limitations […]

Short paper – Co-operation of Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH Weimar and Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (Prof. Wolf) in the research and development project WIGRATEC+: 

The focus of the project consists in the development of a measuring system with evaluation method for the in-line quantification of the coating quality in discontinuous as well as continuous fluidized bed processes. This topic is the continuation of the former WIGRATEC project „Development of a continuous compact fluidized bed technology for the manufacturing of […]