Learn from the experts:
Continuous pelletitzation by fluid bed spray granulation


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This workshop on fluidized bed technology is a perfect combination of theory, hands-on training and demonstrations. The workshop provides the basics of drying, granulating, coating and pelletizing and outlines their applications in the powder processing industry. This workshop is the perfect investment for those who wish to acquire knowledge of fluidized bed technology.


Typically, operators, formulators, product designers, and researchers from the pharmaceutical, food, fine-chemicals, and related industries will get the most out of this workshop. However, the workshop is also perfectly suitable for those who are looking for a detailed overview of the continuously operating fluidized bed process technology in a short period of time.


On the one hand, increasing international competition is forcing companies to optimize their manufacturing and R&D processes. These trends increase the demand on improved quality and efficiency especially for the processing of consistently shaped and “performing” solids (granules, pellets, etc.). On the other hand, it is absolutely necessary to know and understand the processing dynamics of powders, granules, pellets and to find the most effective processing solutions which can deliver consistent product properties. There are few options to obtain a perfect mix of theoretical and practical training. We bridge this gap between business and education with our decades of experience in the manufacturing and by the use of production equipment. What makes our specialized training so special is


This workshop aims to elaborate on the advantages and drawbacks of the individual techniques, focusing on the optimal spectrum of each, but also considering the economical and practical aspects of manufacturing processes. All speakers are specialized, experienced, and renowned experts from science and industry.

Speakers & Host

The Technology Training Center is proud and honored to host the following experts for the live workshop:


Andreas Gottschalk
Head of Technology Training Center
TTC Technology Training Center, Binzen, Germany


Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Dr. h.c. Stefan Heinrich
Director, Institute of Solids Process Engineering and Particle Technology,
Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), Hamburg (Germany)

Monika Gosklinska
Process Development Manager,
INPROTEC AG, Heitersheim (Germany)

Katja Oppermann
Process Engineer Food Technology, Process Technology & Development,
Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH, Weimar (Germany)

Arne Teiwes
Head of Process Technology,
Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH, Weimar (Germany)



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Live program

Live Program for Session A | B

07:30 | 14:30
Login & Registration

08:00 | 15:00
Welcome and Introduction

08:15 | 15:15
Granulation, Agglomeration, Pelletization – Basic principles and applications
The presentation provides an overview on fundamental differences between various product structures, like granules, agglomerates and pellets, as well as on their application in regards to their properties. Additionally, an insight into the general set-up of typical process equipment is given. The presentation is completed by an overview of the particulate systems produced in industrial scale fluidized bed processes.
Monika Goslinska

08:45 | 15:45
Q & A

08:55 | 15:55

HANDS-ON, part 1: Equipment used, Process setup & configuration, Change of Process inserts from Fluid Bed to Spouted Bed Technology
Case study, processing options fluidized bed & ProCell, handling, operation, etc… See all this equipment at work in various scales.
Katja Oppermann & Team Process Technology

09:15 | 16:15
Q & A

09:25 | 16:25
Process development and industrial scale-up for spray granulation applications
Technical concepts for larger scale fluidized bed spray granulation plants will be explained with special focus on practical scale-up, equipment design principles with regard to apparatus geometry and compartmentation, choice of parameters & plant configurations. Both the core technology fluidized bed as well as the main upstream and downstream equipment will be considered.
Arne Teiwes

09:50 | 16:50
Q & A

10:00 | 17:00

HANDS-ON, part 2: Continuous operation, parameter variations and influence on material characteristics, process shutdown, trouble shooting
Spraying, dosing of ingredients, continuous discharge, parameters vs. properties, what happens if…?
Katja Oppermann & Team Process Technology

10:20 | 17:20
Q & A

10:30 | 17:30
Simulation of fluidized bed processes – Heat and mass Transfer – Short-cut methods – Microscale models.
Various numerical methods will be summarized and explained. From fast and easy to use shortcut-methods to numeric modelling on the microscale.
Stefan Heinrich

11:00 | 18:00
Q & A

11:10 | 18:10
Closing remarks. Preview on next seminar, contact information, questionnaire.

11:15 | 18:15