First TTC continuous hands-on seminar, 2017

The Technology Training Center (TTC) hosted the first “hands-on continuous” workshop of its kind at Glatt´s new Innovation Center in Binzen, Germany, attracting participation from the global pharmaceutical industry.

The seminar began with a half-day introduction to the theoretical basis of continuous and wet granulation, the direct compression process and relevant PAT tools (Process Analytical Technologies). The participants were divided into two groups on the second day. Each group took turns in observing and operating the processes. It was impressive to see that the first granulated powders or finished tablets were produced within only a few minutes. Various process parameters were tested during operation. Changing process parameters means also changing the product attributes. The attributes were monitored live and instantly by the PAT tools, which measured particle size, residual moisture and content uniformity. The remainder of the seminar consisted of a review of the process results, a testing of alternative PAT tools and learning how to dismantle and clean the equipment most effectively, teaching the participants that fast change-over is achievable with well-designed continuous process equipment. The TTC team is extremely proud to mention that the overall ratings given by the participants were higher than average once again – Thank you!

NOTE: Due to the overwhelming number of applicants, a second continuous seminar will be held on the 7th -9th November 2017 in Binzen, Germany. Only a few places are left, so sign up now!

For over 15 years, the Technology Training Center (TTC) has been expanding knowledge by offering specialized workshops in Binzen and Weimar, Germany, combining theory with hands-on experience. Some 100 renowned speakers from relevant industries and universities share their unique technology expertise with the participants. The topics covered are tailored to the solid processing disciplines: drying, granulation, agglomeration, pelletizing, encapsulation and coating technologies for pharmaceutical, fine chemical, food, feed and related industries. The lectures, open plenum discussions and informal networking give further opportunities to learn more about new technology trends, experience and case studies. Widen your experience, increase your know-how and broaden network by signing up for one of TTC’s workshops!

Andreas Gottschalk & Klaus N Møller                                                             

Business Development Technology Training Center                            

Regina Bernstein

Technology Training Center

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