Spray Granulation in the Fluid Bed Processor for OSD Pharma
Learn It From The Experts!

September 8, 2022


Our digital, interactive, and live workshop #7! Giving you practical insights from the comfort of your home-office or workplace.



This newly created workshop fulfills the increasing demand of experts and operators in the industry when it comes to understanding and optimizing of their solid dose manufacturing processes. This workshop is the perfect investment for those who wish to acquire a deeper knowledge of the Fluidized Bed Technology.

The course covers standard and sophisticated technologies for the relevant solid dose manufacturing of drying, granulation, and agglomeration in the fluid bed processor by combining theory, hands-on training, and demonstrations.

At the end, the attendees will take with them an enhanced knowledge and also some practical rules to be able to improve their daily work-tasks. All chapters will be recorded, the presentation material will be made available electronically.


Typically, operators, formulators, product designers, R&D scientists, process engineers, and researchers from the pharmaceutical, food, fine-chemicals, and related industries will get the most out of this workshop.

However, the workshop is also perfectly suitable for those who are looking for a detailed overview of processing technologies in batch operating fluid-bed technology in a short period of time.


How does findings in science can be applied to real fluid bed processing problems?

How can the spraying in a fluid bed processing influence the properties of the final product?

Which set-up is best for achieving the best results for my product?

A fluid bed processor is a perfect solution to achieve homogenous particle properties, perfect mixing, and efficient heat transfer. Therefore, it is logic, to find fluid beds for all types of particle engineering. In this workshop we will focus on the improvement of flowability, compressibility, and reduction of undesired dusty fractions of the final product.

Industrial pharmacists and pharmaceutical engineers have explored stating norms for process engineering and equipment design. But how well do they work for the development and manufacturing pharmacists, especially those involved in the technology transfer?

There is an increasing demand on improved quality and efficiency especially for the processing of consistently shaped and “performing” solids (granules, pellets, powders, etc.). Additionally, it is absolutely necessary to know and understand the processing dynamics of powders, granules, pellets and the like, and to find the most effective processing solutions which deliver consistent product properties.

This workshop is grounded in practical experience gained across numerous industrial sectors by a range of speakers from academia, equipment manufacturers and end users. The scientific principles of fluid bed operation will be added by a number of practical demonstrations which show the theory in practice.

Speakers & Host

The Technology Training Center is proud and honored to host these experts for the live workshop:


Andreas Gottschalk
Head of Technology Training Center (Binzen DE)



Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Dr. h.c. Stefan Heinrich
Director, Institute of Solids Process Engineering and Particle Technology, Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), Hamburg (Germany)

Dr. Frédéric Eeckman
Drug Product Lead
UCB Pharma (Braine L’Alleud, BE)

Dr. Jochen Thies
Head New Technologies Pharma OSD,
Glatt GmbH (Binzen DE)

Chris Baer
Process Specialist
Glatt GmbH (Binzen DE)

Janak Ramakrishna
Process Specialist
Glatt GmbH (Binzen DE)

Justus Wied
Process Expert
Glatt GmbH (Binzen DE)

Fabiola Santamaría
Process Expert
Glatt GmbH (Binzen DE

Adrian Seyfferth
Project Engineer
Design & Engineering Fluid Bed Granulation Systems
Glatt GmbH (Binzen, DE)

Uwe Wollmann
Managing Director
PetroGas Ausrüstungen Berlin GmbH (Berlin, DE)

Mariusz Kuchta
OEM Sales Engineer
Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (Rommerskichen, DE)



EUR 150,– excl. VAT

The fee includes streaming of the recording, and accompanying workshop notes.

Students/Academia: Free (copy of ID and of a valid registration at an educational institution is required)
University confirmation form

Live program

Live Program for Session A | – Times are listed in Central Europe Summer Time (Berlin, CEST).

07:00 | 14:30 Login & Online Registration

07:30 | 15:00 Andreas Gottschalk
Welcome, House-Keeping, Introduction to the Technology Training Center (TTC), the Glatt Group, and to the topic of today.

07:45 | 15:15 Stefan Heinrich
Importance of nozzle configuration and spray conditions on fluidized bed granulation – A scientific view
Adjusting spray parameters and nozzle position in order to produce tailored particles

08:15 | 15:45 Jochen Thies
Spray Granulation and Agglomeration
Reasoning and characterization of final product.
The process phases. Fundamentals of a spray nozzle.
Overview of available liquid delivery systems, focus: spray nozzles:
– pressure nozzles,
– binary and triple media nozzles,
– ultrasonic nozzles.
Selection criteria.

08:45 | 16:15 Adrian Seyfferth
The Fluid Bed Processor in the Pharmaceutical Industry
The key design features and elements: the inlet air handler, the processor itself, the binder delivery system, and the exhaust air components.

09:15 | 16:45 Janak Ramakrishna
Fluid Bed Process: Top-Spray Nozzle
Design options, position, critical operation conditions, assembly, typical product results

09:30 | 17:00 Justus Wied
Fluid Bed Process: Tangential-Spray Nozzle
Design options, position, critical operation conditions, assembly, typical product results

09:45 | 17:15 Coffee Break & Yoga-Session

10:00 | 17:30 Fabiola Santamaría
Fluid Bed Process: Bottom-Spray Nozzle
Design options, set-up and position, critical operation conditions, assembly.

10:15 | 17:45 Frédéric Eeckman
Bottom Spray For Low Assay Granule Development
A journey toward fluid bed formulation and process development.

10:45 | 18:15 Uwe Wollmann/Mariusz Kuchta
The Perfect Metering Of The Spray Liquid
Peristaltic Pumps for Pharma-Processing: Function, design, application, benefits, and challenges.

11:00 | 18:30 Chris Baer
Evaluation of Spray Characteristics by Laser Diffraction Method
To know the actual performance of a spray nozzle is essential to achieve the best results!

11:15 | 18:45 Jochen Thies
Summary & Conclusions

11:25 | 18:55 Andreas Gottschalk
Closing remarks.
Summary, Questionnaire, Preview on next workshops, Contact information.

11:30 | 19:00