TTC - Technology Training Center

Opening a new chapter with TTC online workshops

Facts and Benefits of TTC Online Learning

  • LIVE! Direct interaction between the experts and the audience.
  • LIVE Demo! Practical examples directly from the Glatt Innovation Center to illustrate the theory. Almost like Hands-on!
  • LIVE Experts! Theory and background information from the experts of both, industry and academia.
  • LIVE Networking! Meet you peers and the experts to share your experience and learn from their knowledge.
  • Certificate! Each participant will receive a comprehensive documentation of the workshop and a certificate.
  • Digital Library! Access to our Video-On-Demand (VOD) library of the past digital modules, so you can access them when it fits your schedule.

Upcoming Events

Learn Tablet Coating From The Experts – Episode 2

This workshop on tablet film-coating in perforated drum coating equipment is a perfect combination of theory, hands-on training, and
demonstrations. The workshop provides the basics of tablet film-coating, and drying, and outlines their applications in the tablet processing
industry. This workshop is the perfect investment for those who wish to acquire knowledge of efficient tablet coating. JOIN NOW!