Learn Tablet Coating from the experts – Episode 2

July 7, 2022


Our digital, interactive, and live workshop #6! Giving you practical insights from the comfort of your home or workplace.



This workshop on tablet film-coating in perforated drum coating equipment is a perfect combination of theory, hands-on training, and demonstrations.

The workshop provides the basics of tablet film-coating, and drying, and outlines their applications in the tablet processing industry.

This workshop is the perfect investment for those who wish to acquire knowledge of efficient tablet coating.

We will continue this series of workshops with a minimum of one more episode to cover the comprehensive scope of this process technology (subject to change and input from the participants): Episode III approx. Q1-2023: Trouble Shooting, Cleaning, Maintenance.


Typically, operators and researchers from the pharmaceutical and related industries will get the most out of this workshop. However, the workshop is also perfectly suitable for those who are looking for a detailed overview of perforated drum coating technology in a short space of time.

However, the workshop is also perfectly suitable for those who are looking for a detailed overview of processing technologies in a short period of time.


On the one hand, increasing international competition is forcing companies to optimize their manufacturing and R&D processes. These trends increase quality and efficiency demands especially for the processing of oral solid dose forms as the predominant galenic dosage form. This includes the important step of tablet coating at the end of the manufacturing process.

On the other hand, there are few options to obtain a perfect mix of theoretical and practical training. We bridge this gap between business and education with our decades of experience in the manufacturing and by the use of production equipment.

What makes our specialized training so special is: THE UNIQUE HANDS-ON APPROACH.

This workshop aims to elaborate on the advantages and drawbacks of the individual techniques, focusing on the optimal spectrum of each but also considering the economical and practical aspects of manufacturing processes. All speakers are specialized, experienced, and renowned experts from science and industry.

Speakers & Host

The Technology Training Center is proud and honored to host the following experts for the live workshop:


Andreas Gottschalk
Head of Technology Training Center
TTC Technology Training Center, Binzen, Germany



Prof. Dr. Sandra Klein
Pharmaceutical Technology
University of Greifswald, Greifswald, Germany

Dr. Andreas Thomann
Senior Scientist, Drug Development, R&D
AbbVie Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany

Bernd Looser
Head of New Technologies Innovation Center
Glatt AG, Pratteln, Switzerland

Wolfgang Dejan
Process Expert, New Technologies Innovation Center
Glatt AG, Pratteln, Switzerland

Tom Koenig
Process Expert, New Technologies Innovation Center
Glatt AG, Pratteln, Switzerland



EUR 150,– excl. VAT

The fee includes online participation, streaming of the recording, and accompanying workshop notes.

Students/Academia: Free (copy of ID and of a valid registration at an educational institution is required)
University confirmation form

Live program

Live Program for Session A | B

07:15 | 14:15
Login & Registration

07:45 | 14:45
Welcome and Introduction to the topic
Andreas Gottschalk

08:00 | 15:00
From manually driven to a fully automated process
Introducing the basics process operations of tablet coating, focusing on pharmaceutical applications. Giving an insight into recipe generation, explaining trip point, control parameters, and the critical alarms to run an efficient process.
Bernd Looser

08:45 | 15:45
“HANDS-ON” session, part 1:
Running the film-coating process – LIVE ! –
Showing the next step after the preparation of the process equipment, small or big charge (as shown during the episode I):
Charging, preconditioning, preheating, film-coating, sampling options, spray distance, drying, cooling, discharging.
Team Innovation Center

09:30 | 16:30
Coffee break & Yoga session
A short yoga-practice for sitting people to get relaxed.
Regina Bernstein

09:40 | 16:40
Coated Mini-Tablets for Children – Opportunities and Challenges
Why mini-tablets?
Which excipients are suitable
Problems and pitfalls
Professor Dr. Sandra Klein

10:10 | 17:10
“HANDS-ON” session, part 2:
Special coating conditions – LIVE ! –
Processing mini-tablets
Minimum loading level in the coating drum
Handling of spray liquids
Team Innovation Center

10:40 | 17:40
Predictive Approach On Tablet Breakage During Film Coating
with perspectives of a process engineer.
Dr. Andreas Thomann

11:10 | 18:10
Closing remarks.
Summary, Questionnaire, Preview on next workshops, Contact information.
Andreas Gottschalk

11:20 | 18:20